Ursula Kofahl-Lampron
Maître en Beaux-Arts

Maitre du Coeur/Master of the Heart

Format: 36 x 24

Discipline: Peinture

Médium: Mix-Média

Oeuvre encadrée: Non

Collection privé: Non

No. 4 in a series of black and white paintings with a feminine theme. The "master of the heart" is a woman of a certain age. She has left behind her innocence and naivete. She is master of her heart and although she is a woman, she has a slightly masculine slant. The white bird on her head is there because she is free and can symbolically fly. She holds a scepter with a heart, symbolic of the possesion of her power. She wears a mask, symbolic of the mystery, that is a woman. VENDU
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